P&T Removals and Storage
Boxes and Packing Materials Questions:
* Can I pickup the boxes and packing materials myself ?
Yes you can purchase boxes from our store in Malaga at unit 3/27 Enterprise Crescent, Malaga
* Can you supply boxes ?
Yes we can.
Price Questions:
* How does the hourly rate work ?
We charge according to the time spent
* Do you discount your rates ?
Monday to Friday, we have lower rates. Weekend rates are higher than weekday rates.
* Why do you charge Depot to Depot ?
Fair charging - P&T removal sevices are charged to and from the depot for your move - usually between your pick up and drop off addresses. . This is because we believe in paying our workers fairly for the time they work whilst keeping your costs to a minimum.
* How much is the Depot to Depot charge?
Our charge is based on the time it actually takes to get from the charging depot to your address, and the return trip is estimated based on distance and the time of day- all estimates are realistic.
* How do I pay my bill ?
Payment will be taken at the completion of your move.
* Which credit cards do you accept ?
Visa and Mastercard. Payment by credit card attracts a 2% surcharge.
Miscellaneous Questions:
* Do you work on Sundays and Public Holidays ?
We work Sundays and Public Holidays upon request.
* What about storage ?
Yes, we offer full undercover warehouse storage facilities and container storage.
* Am I insured ?
P & T Removals offer you Insurance up to $ 100,000 per load carried Metro and country WA only – “if we damage anything, we will fix it”. If you feel you need additional insurance, click on the following link which will take you to an Insurance Broker where you can do your insurance online.
Removals Insurance Australia
Insure your goods whilst being packed, moved and in storage with a CARTS Removals and Storage Insurance policy.
* Do you have a cancellation policy ?
We ask that you give us 24 hours notice so we can stand down crews that would have otherwise been allocated to work. If you do not cancel your booking and our truck arrives, there is a standard 1 hour minimum charge fee that will apply.
Packing and Unpacking Services:
* We don`t have time to pack can you pack for me?
We can supply a professional packer (or a team for large moves) to pack your belongings into boxes safely and securely. Whatever the PT Removals packer packs, is also covered by our Insurance, as long as it`s a local or a country move within WA. Once again, you have the total freedom, to pack your personal items and have PT removals staff pack your breakables only- the choice is yours. All items should be packed in standard removal boxes for a safe transport. If any items are not packed into boxes you will have to move those items yourself.